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Notice of Examination
Please read the Notice of Examination (NOE) below very carefully. The NOE is the legal document that informs you of all the relevant information about the examination, including the Minimum Qualification Requirements that you must possess in order to be found Qualified in the examination. Be sure to read the NOE carefully to determine that you meet the Minimum Qualification Requirements before you apply for the exam and pay the application fee.
Some NOEs can be lengthy, but it is important that you read the entire document. You can use the smaller set of scroll bars to navigate through the NOE. The larger set of scroll bars allows you to navigate to the bottom of the screen. You must print a copy of the NOE for your records.
To print a copy of the NOE, scroll up to the top of the NOE page where you will see a toolbar with various icons. Choose the second icon (Print) on the far left of the toolbar and select it to print the NOE.
     I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Notice of Examination. You must check this box before continuing.
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