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List of Examinations
Notices of Examination (NOEs) include qualification requirements, test descriptions and application information. You must read the Notice of Examination before you can apply for the exam. NOEs and other information on this website will be posted in Adobe PDF format.
The following examinations are available for application and payment.

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The examination links listed in blue are open competitive examinations. Generally, open competitive examinations are open to anyone who meets the minimum qualification requirements listed in the Notice of Examination. Please review the How to Qualify section of the Notice of Examination for the specific information regarding the minimum qualification requirements.
The examination links listed in red are promotional examinations. Generally, promotional examinations are only open to employees of the City, who are serving permanently, not provisionally, in a lower eligible title. Please review the Eligibility to Take Examination section of the Notice of Examination for specific information regarding the eligible titles.
Select the examination title for which you would like to apply. You will be able to read the NOE which contains all of the information about the exam, including the Minimum Qualification Requirements. Read the NOE carefully to see if you meet the Minimum Qualification Requirements. If you do not possess the Minimum Qualification Requirements and are marked Not Qualified, your application fee will not be refunded.
You may only apply for one examination at a time. After you have submitted your application for an examination or read the NOE and determined that you do not meet the minimum qualification requirements, you may return to this page and select another examination.
If you would like to view the annual exam schedule, select here.
Exam No. Exam Title Filing Begins Filing Ends Filing Fee
C 6000 CLERICAL ASSOCIATE (HHC) 2016 07/01/15 07/21/15 40.00 E 000 0
P 6500 CLERICAL ASSOCIATE (HHC)(PROM) 2016 07/01/15 07/21/15 40.00 A 000 0
P 5504 MARINE ENGINEER (PROM) 2015 08/13/14 06/30/16 82.00 I 000 0
P 5505 MARINE ENGINEER (UNIFORMED-FIRE) (PROM) 2015 08/13/14 06/30/16 88.00 I 000 0
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